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Social Media Dangers

Child Custody + Social Media = Gift & Curse

In today’s day and age, almost everyone is engaged in some form of social media (Facebook, Instagram...etc.) With that, the gift of social media has it’s many positive aspects, particularly the ability to share moments of our lives at breakneck speeds with our family and friends – you can post pictures and videos of what you’re doing when you’re doing it. Distant family and friends can keep up with all of your new adventures and heart felt moments with the click of a button or touch of a screen.

It’s awesome to share important and fun moments of our lives through these online outlets but with that comes the curse of a good time being taken out of context and turned against you when you’re in the middle of a contested child custody battle.

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Protecting Yourself When Making Agreements Outside of Court

Nothing is better than when we get clients who truly co-parent with the opposing party to benefit their kids. It makes everyone’s lives easier and it’s great for the children involved by reducing stress in an already unnerving situation. However, co-parenting and the desire to reduce attorney’s fees and court costs by making agreements outside of court can lead to some unsuspecting penalties when one of the parents decides to claim an agreement was never made.

The typical situation arrives when the parents have a support and custody order in place but decide to modify it on their own. So far nothing is wrong with this scenario as the court encourages the parties to make the necessary changes that life circumstances require. But when the modification is done verbally and outside of court, this is when the potential damage can undue a parent’s best intentions and possibly ruin their financial future.

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Child Support – Who Pays and Why?

In a previous post we discussed the urban myth of Spousal Support (Alimony) and busted the myth that the husband always pays. This post will give a basic breakdown of Child Support and bust the urban myth that the guy always pays.

The urban myth that the guy always pays child support, like spousal support, can more than likely be traced back to the same origins of spousal support. A day when men were the breadwinners and women were stay-at-home mothers. If the father was always away working, then that meant mom was at home spending a lot more time with the children.

Although there are many things that can affect child support, the basic premise of child support boils down to just two main items: time with the child and income.

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Fact or Fiction: Men Always Pay Alimony After a Divorce?

It’s been a long accepted urban myth that after a divorce the man is “always” going to be on the hook for alimony (spousal support). Everyone’s heard horror stories of men being “cleaned out” and now destitute while the ex-wife lives it up on her former spouse’s paycheck.

The reality is that the myth was probably based on norms from the 1950’s and 1960’s when men were the breadwinners and women were stay at home moms – thereby creating a very unbalanced earning capacity between the two, which naturally would have caused the spousal support laws to swing in favor of the woman.

In this day and age the typical woman is no longer a stay-at-home mom and is out in the work force just like her male counterpart.

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