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About the Firm

img 3745Barrell & Janke Law LLP is the brainchild of attorneys, Justin P. Barrell and Tyler L. Janke. What initially started off as a study group many years ago at Lincoln Law School of Sacramento eventually matured into a law firm. Although both attorneys started their legal careers with other top Sacramento law firms, their shared interests in providing excellent legal representation led to the creation of Barrell & Janke Law LLP.

Barrell & Janke Law is founded on a few simple principles, principles that all successful businesses rely on: Trust, Honesty, Integrity and Economy. These simple principles are laid out during the initial free consultation and go hand-in-hand while explaining client expectations.

Mr. Barrell and Mr. Janke both believe that realistic client expectations are a must from the start to nourish a good attorney-client relationship. There's an old saying that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. There's nothing worse than paying your hard earned money to an attorney only to find out that you were misled and now the attorney can't deliver what he/she promised.

Barrell & Janke Law knows that trust is earned, not given, and being honest about potential pitfalls is a must. Our law firm takes full responsibility for explaining not only the good but also the bad and the ugly when it comes to your legal situation. Nothing in the legal system is guaranteed but hiring an honest attorney is an excellent start to working towards the best result possible.

The attorneys of Barrell & Janke also understand that money is always a concern, if not one of the most important concerns of prospective clients. We offer competitive retainer fees and can typically offer lower prices than many other larger firms due minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. We only recommend outside legal resources (i.e. investigators, experts, laboratories, etc...) when those items are truly necessary to further advance the interests of your case. If an extra cost doesn't make sense to your case, we won't recommend it.

Why choose Barrell & Janke Law? Because Barrell & Janke offers piece of mind by providing skilled attorneys with the knowledge and experience you can trust.

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