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Barrell & Janke Family Law Lawyers is committed to providing quality legal and divorce services that minimize the financial and emotional burdens of the legal process for family law clients in the Sacramento area. Call us today for free legal advice family law.

Picking the Right Lawyer Is the First Step in Winning Your Case

Our entire legal team take great pride in the personal attention we give to every aspect of each client's case, whether it involves anything from divorce negotiations to child custody litigation. Clients benefit from our extensive experience in California family law and dedication to seeking the most cost-effective method for achieving their goals.

We established our firm on the belief that clients expect and deserve the personalized attention and expertise they get in having Justin Barrell & Tyler Janke handle every aspect of their case, from start to finish, in court and out of court. Unlike other law firms, our clients are not passed down to inexperienced associates after they hire us. Our clients have the peace of mind from knowing they have Barrell & Janke, along with their experience, reputation and skills, fighting for them.

Negotiation is often the first step in resolving a family law dispute. Mediation and collaborative law can also be used to reach divorce, property division, and child custody agreements. When agreement is not possible, we are prepared to effectively assert your rights in family court.

We are dedicated to protecting your family, your assets and your future.  Contact our Sacramento office for an initial FREE consultation when you need assistance with:

  • Divorce, whether through divorce litigation or mediation or collaborative law
  • Division of marital assets
  • Child custody and visitation, preparation of custody agreements and revisions in move-away situations
  • Child support orders, enforcement of orders for parents who are owed back child support, and defense in cases of child support arrears or unfair enforcement actions
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Modification of custody or support orders
  • Domestic partnerships and the dissolution of registered domestic partnerships
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders in cases of spousal abuse or child abuse
  • Paternity testing and establishing parentage

For compassionate and result-driven family law advocacy in all family legal matters, contact the Barrell & Janke Family Law Attorneys for an initial FREE consultation with an experienced Sacramemtp County, California family lawyer. We accept most credit cards.

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